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5 Features Your Retail Shop's Custom Signage Shouldn't Be Without

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People are more likely to buy from places they are familiar with, and signs offer the perfect opportunity to introduce your retail shop to the community and create brand recognition. But simply posting the name of your company in front of your store won't garner the attention you are looking for. Here are five features your retail shop's custom signage should never be without:

A Unique Logo

Branding your business is one of the most important things you can do to gain trust within your customer base and to ensure that you're recognized as a leader within your industry. Whether you sell jewelry, household goods, or trendy artwork, it's important to stand out from similar retailers and give your business a unique face. The centerpiece of your brand is a good logo that helps to express what customers can expect when doing business with you. Your logo and brand also help to shape the way consumers perceive your business.

Your logo may be a whimsical interpretation of your shop's name, a trendy graphic that incorporates popular store products, or a simple number that provides access to your business. No matter what you choose as a logo to represent your shop, it needs to be easily recognizable on your custom signs.

A Catchy Slogan

In addition to a logo, adding a catchy slogan to your custom signs is a great way to ensure that passersby keep your business in mind next time they find themselves in need of something your retail shop sells. Something as simple as "we sell what you need" or "we're always in style" is an effective way to make a point that captures attention. A slogan isn't always feasible if you're working with limited space. But before throwing the idea out the window, consider using the slogan to border the sign or having it implemented as a background behind the other text and graphics on your sign.

A Few Visual Aids

A couple of graphics used as visual aids can do a lot to draw attention to your shop and spark interest in the stuff you're selling inside. Whether full color photographs of actual products sold within your shop or caricatures of accessories that line your shelves, find a way to incorporate some graphics into your overall marketing message. Graphics can become part of your slogan, they can frame your logo, or they can be the centerpiece of your custom signage. The options are limitless!

Some Free Space

To make sure that people can easily read your sign while passing by, it's important to leave some free space between the lines in your text and around the border of your signage. Just an inch of clear space around the border can help to keep eye strain down when people look at it. Add a little extra space between each word in your text to emphasize the content as you want passersby to interpret it.

A Call-to-Action

An effective call-to-action will encourage people to do exactly what you want them to do – visit your retail shop to potentially make a purchase. Similar to a slogan, a call-to-action is typically catchy, but it goes a step further than sticking in the minds of passersby. It gives them an actionable step to take that will benefit them in the end.

As a retail shop owner, you want people to visit your store so they can gain pleasure from the items that you sell. Because of this, you can use the benefits of your products within your call-to-action. For example, if you sell kitchenware and accessories you can tell readers to "shop here and add convenience to your life" to increase the chance that they'll walk right through your front door.

These features will help set you apart from the competition and potentially draw in customers who would not have otherwise noticed your storefront. Check out a custom sign shop to find more information on creating business signage that draws in customers.