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5 Ways To Make A Living Room Feel Larger Using Custom Glass

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Dealing with a small living space is all about the perspective in your mind. By making proper adjustments and changes to your home, a room can really open up and feel larger. To help get rid of the small and claustrophobic feeling, you can infuse a lot of glass products. Specifically in the living room, custom glass designs can make the room feel large, open, and ready for entertaining. The following five custom glass products can be added to all types of living room designs and feature a lot of custom elements in them.

Glass Shelving

Bookshelves and media organizers are ideal for a living room, but they are bulky and can take up a lot of space. Along with showcasing the books and media, these areas also feature large shelves and side panels that can visually distract the room. Custom glass shelving can give a minimalist appearance while still supplying plenty of room to store your living room items.

When getting the custom glass shelves installed, you can choose from different thicknesses of the glass. This will help give you more strength depending on the type of media you have to display. Instead of just a flat wall shelf, glass can also be custom-shaped to form in the corner of a living room. This will help save additional space while still giving you plenty of shelving options.

Glass Paneled Railing

If the living room is connected to a staircase or upstairs balcony, there is no reason to visually close off the area and box the room in. After an evaluation, professional glass contractors can install a glass paneled railing to your living room. This railing offers sturdy security and protection while opening the living room to better visuals and a more airy feeling.

It can help natural light flow more through the home and gives off the appearance of an open floor plan. The top railing of these panels offers a sturdy grip for when you decide to stand next to the railings.

Glass Tabletops

A coffee table is often a central part of a living room, but a wooden or stone-based table can appear to take up a lot of space. By choosing a glass tabletop, the room feels more open due to the transparency of the glass. You also have a number of different options for the finish on the glass. You can keep the glass as clear as possible or choose a custom design like a frosted glass tabletop.

Once the glass is in place, you can add a personal touch by decorating with a centerpiece or place mat.

Glass Fireplace Enclosures

If your living room has a fireplace, there are ways to minimize the effect and visual size of the permanent living room installation. Instead of using bulky screens or doors that extend outwards, contractors have the ability to install glass fireplace enclosures. These enclosures can fit snugly up against the wall of the fireplace so that nothing extends out and takes up extra space in the living room. The clear glass design also allows you to view the beauty of the flames without the need for opening or extending different sections of a fireplace.

As you choose a fireplace door design, you can select a frame-less option. This gives your fireplace a seamless look that creates a great visual and helps minimize the visual space that your fireplace takes up.

Frameless Glass Doors

The connection points from your living room to other rooms in the home do not have to be closed off with a solid door. Contractors can install a frame-less glass door to connect your living room to kitchens, offices, or dining rooms. It creates a free flow of air, light, and great visuals that can really expand the feeling of your living room.

Work with a contractor to help create transform any ideas into a final layout for your living room. Small changes can make a huge difference for the feeling in your living room.