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Troubleshooting Common Solar Panel Issues With A Residential Solar Well Pump

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Having your own private well definitely comes with a lot of benefits, but if there is one responsibility that owning a well being that may get frustrating at times, it is maintaining the well pump. Solar well pumps are an incredible way to eliminate the usual electrical costs associated with having a private water well, but occasionally, they do have problems just the same as any other type, especially when it comes to the solar panels. Here are a few of the most common problems you could see with your solar well pump's solar panel and the causes and solutions you should know. 

Problem: The pump is not kicking on as it should to provide enough water. 

Cause and Solution: There are a couple of different things that could cause this problem, but in most cases, the problem will be caused by lack of energy. Check to make sure that the solar panel is properly positioned to gather energy from the sun. If there is a great deal of shade over the solar panel through the biggest part of the daytime hours, you should reposition the panel to a new location. Even if the solar panel is not getting sunlight for a few hours through the day, you can see a major change in the output it provides. 

Problem: Your solar panel is getting plenty of sunlight and still not producing enough power. 

Cause and Solution: If you are positive that you have your solar panels positioned correctly and still are not reaching full power capacity, your solar panel could easily just need a good cleaning. Grab a washcloth and some warm soapy water and give the solar panel a good cleaning. Built-up dirt, grime, dust, animal droppings, and even tree sap can make it impossible for the solar panel to capture enough UV energy. 

Problem: Your solar well pump will not work at all. 

Cause and Solution: Check your wired connections between the pump housing and the solar panel for signs of damage or disconnect. If the connections are damaged in any way, no matter how much energy your panels are collecting, it will never be transferred to the pump to power it. In some cases, water damage to the primary connectors at the panel will cause this problem, so it is best to keep this area rightly protected with a waterproof electrical box. If you suspect your wired connections are the problem, you will have to have these valuable components replaced. 

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