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Fiberglass Is Great For Storm Windows

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Installing storm windows is one of the smartest home remodels you can invest in. This is simply because new windows upgrade the inside and outside of your home at the same time. Not only do they greatly change the style of your home on the interior and exterior, they also can make your home more energy efficient. If you are looking to reduce your energy consumption and reliance on your furnace or air conditioner, storm windows can produce dramatic results. Fiberglass is one of the most cost effective and energy efficient window materials. This article explains why fiberglass windows are a good option.

Fiberglass Styles

First, it should be noted that fiberglass windows actually come in a wide variety of styles. Some people think of fiberglass as a cheap looking, plastic-like product. In fact, fiberglass can be made in the variety of textures with just about any color you can imagine. You even have the option of investing in fiberglass windows with printed finishes. These prints are made to mock natural materials, especially wood. If you want your window sashes to match the wooden frames of your door fixtures and molding, for instance, these are a great option. They look almost like real wood, but with a fraction of the cost and maintenance requirements.

Fiberglass is Ideal for Sliding Fixtures

The smooth finish of fiberglass windows is ideal for sliding fixtures. Since it has such a strong powder coat finish, the sash can slide within the frame with ease over the years. It does not even need to be lubricated. The finish will not rub off or show any signs of wear on the years.

Fiberglass is Easy to Maintain

Because it has such a strong finish and rust is not an issue, fiberglass windows are very easy to maintain in the long run. You never need to paint or stain them. They need to be finished with waterproof sealant to protect them from the moisture. Basically, you don't need to invest too much time or money to keep your fiberglass windows looking and working like new. As you can see, fiberglass is a great option for all types of homeowners.

Since it can be found in just about any color, with great textures and finishes, you will have no problem finding a product that will match your home style. At the same time, you will appreciate having a material that is so easy to keep up over the years.

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