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Signs That Your Sump Pump Check Valve Needs To Be Replaced

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If you have recently had a sump pump installed in your home, then the pump should work well on its own with very little maintenance. However, there are some signs that the pump needs some assistance from a sump pump professional. Sometimes, the check valve attached to the outlet pipe will need to be replaced. Keep reading to find out about some common signs that this is your issue and not a bigger sump pump problem.

The Sump Pit Will Never Fully Drain

Installation professionals will typically encourage you to buy a sump pump that has more than enough horsepower for your home. This helps to force water out of the sump pit before water can overflow onto your basement floor. Under normal circumstances, the pump will pull water into an impeller from a port on the bottom of the pump housing. The water will then be forced up through an outlet pipe and out of your home. Once the pump can no longer pull water through the device, it will turn off. 

There will be some water left in the outlet pipe when the pump turns off. The check valve in this pipe prevents water from moving back towards the sump pump. If the check valve is stuck or broken, then the water left in the outlet pipe will flow back into the sump pit. If this happens, you will likely notice at least a few inches of water sitting in the sump pit at all times. If the water sits for too long, then mold can start to form. This is one reason why it is a good idea to have the valve fixed as soon as possible. 

You Hear Banging When The Pump Turns Off

If you hear your sump pump turn off and hear a loud banging noise soon after, then this is a sign that the check valve is broken. Check valves are hinged on one side, much like a door. Water moving up through the pipe opens the valve and water that flows backwards closes it. Most check valves move freely and easily with the help of the hinge. However, the valve will slam shut if the hinge breaks. 

If you have a noisy and broken check valve, then the valve itself may break free and clog the outlet pipe. Replacing the valve sooner rather than later can prevent this issue and keep your home from possibly flooding. 

If you are having either of these problems, contact professional contractors, such as those at Rite-Way Waterproofing, to help with repairs.