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Make Your Roof Work For You: 3 Energy Efficent Designs To Consider

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If you're in the middle of a roof repair job, you might want to take the time to incorporate an energy efficient design feature. If your home was not designed with an energy efficient roof while it was being built, there are still things you can do during a repair job to create a "green" design. You don't have to tear up the entire roof and lay a new energy efficient one, there are some things that can be done in small sections of the roof that can greatly improve your home energy bill.


One feature you can install in your roof that will greatly improve your electric bill is a skylight. You can have a skylight placed above your living room and it will flood your space with natural light during the day. This will greatly reduce your reliance on artificial lighting. The skylight will also look beautiful at night with the stars and moon are visible. You can have double pane glass used so that there is no heat loss during the winter. Also, you can have retractable shades installed that can cover the skylight during intensely bright days if you want a more subdued light in the room. The window can help bring in sunlight during the winter, and help warm the home, which reduces the heating cost.

Solar Shingles

If you don't feel like cutting a hole in your roof to install a skylight, then you might want to consider using solar shingles. These are designed to look like regular asphalt shingles, so they won't stand out and look out of place. These shingles can be used in lieu of larger solar panels that do stand out visually. The small solar shingles will need to be connected to a convertor which will be located in your basement. When you are having your regular shingles replaced, ask the roofers about the best placement for the solar shingles.

Light Colored Asphalt Shingles

Yet another idea is to consider is to have the roofers use light colored asphalt shingles during your shingle roof replacement. The light colored shingles help to reflect the sun's heat. It's why people wear white and not dark colors in hot climates. So, instead of using the classic dark colored asphalt shingles, consult with your roofers about the different light colors available. There are even some shingles that have an additional reflective coating applied to the surface that will help reflect the sun. The cumulative result is that there will be less heat transferred down into your home, which will result in a lowered reliance on air conditioning. This is particularly helpful in hot climates such as the south.