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5 Fireplace Safety Tips You Should Follow If You Have Kids

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Having a fireplace in your family home can be a wonderful thing; it can provide supplemental heating in the wintertime, and it can make your home look and feel a whole lot more cozy as well. However, fireplaces can be dangerous for anyone, and they can be especially risky if you have children in the home. Luckily, following these fireplace safety tips will help you keep your fireplace as safe as possible when you have kids in the house.

1. Teach Your Kids to Respect the Fireplace

The truth is that no matter how careful you might be to childproof your fireplace, there might be times when you aren't able to supervise your children for every second. It only takes just a minute for a child to get hurt by a fireplace, so teaching your kids to respect the fireplace and stay away from it when there are no adults around is important.

2. Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If you aren't careful, your family could be exposed to carbon monoxide, which can be deadly and which can be impossible to detect because it is odorless. Installing carbon monoxide detectors can help you be alerted in the event that there is carbon monoxide in your home.

3. Put Up a Safety Screen

There are safety screens on the market that you can purchase and install in front of your fireplace. Putting up one of these safety screens can help ensure that your children have to stay a safe distance away from the fireplace.

4. Keep Fireplace Tools Out of Reach

Pokers, scoops, and other tools that are used for taking care of your fireplace can be quite dangerous if they end up in children's hands, and unfortunately, they can look a bit like toys to adventurous small children. Additionally, matches and/or lighters can also be tempting to children if they are not kept out of reach. Make sure that you keep them out of your children's reach when they are not in use.

5. Keep the Area Clean

Keeping the area around the fireplace clear of toys, blankets, and other items that could catch on fire is very important. Keeping your children's toys and other items away from the fireplace can help discourage him or her from going too close as well.

Having a fireplace can be dangerous, but this does not mean that you shouldn't have or use one just because you have kids. If you follow these safety tips and always supervise your children as well as possible when there is a fire going, you can help prevent dangerous accidents and can help keep your children safe, all while enjoying your fireplace as much as possible. Visit websites like for more info.