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What To Do When Your Well Pump Loses Power

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Access to clean, safe drinking water is something that many homeowners take for granted. If your home's water is supplied by a private well, then a functional well pump plays a critical role in determining your accessibility to usable water on a daily basis. Finding out that your well pump has lost power can be devastating.

Here are three simple things that you can do to help diagnose the problem when you are facing a well pump that has lost power.

1. Check the electrical circuit the well pump is connected to.

If your well pump suddenly loses power, you should begin troubleshooting the performance issue by carefully examining the electrical circuit the pump is connected to. A surge of power caused by an electrical storm of sudden burst of energy can trip the circuit, causing it to shut off temporarily.

If a tripped circuit is to blame for your well pump's sudden loss in power, you simply have to reset the circuit breaker in order to restore power to the well pump once again.

2. Take a close look at your well pump's fuses.

If a tripped circuit is not to blame for your well pump's power loss, you should locate the fuse box on your well pump and carefully remove the protective panel. Remove each of the fuses carefully to check for signs of damage.

A blown fuse will prevent electricity from being transferred to your well pump properly, causing the pump to suddenly stop working. Replacing a blown fuse should restore your well pump's access to power, allowing your home to receive the fresh water your family needs each day.

3. Inspect your well pump's wiring.

When a tripped circuit or a blown fuse are not causing your well pump to lose power, the issue could be with the pump's wiring instead. Take the time to carefully inspect the wiring connected to your well pump. Look for signs of cracking, or areas where the protective rubber coating has been worn away and wiring is exposed.

If moisture seeps through the insulation surrounding your pump's wires, the pump could short-circuit and stop working. Any signs of wire damage should be addressed by a contractor specializing in the repair of well pumps in order to safely restore power to your well pump.

Being able to determine the reason why your well pump suddenly loses power will allow you to address the problem quickly in order to prevent your home from losing access to safe water.

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