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What To Expect When You Have Your Window Glass Repaired

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It's worrisome when one of your windows develops a crack. The crack is an eyesore and you're concerned about the stability of the window. If you have kids or pets, you probably worry about the glass falling out and hurting someone. You may avoid raising the blinds or opening the window so you don't disturb it. If you're not fixing the crack because you think it will be expensive to have the glass replaced, you should call a glass repair company and see if the crack can be repaired instead. Here's how it works.

Start With An Inspection

The first step is to have a glass repair professional assess the crack to make sure the glass is suitable for repairs. As long as the glass is stable and the crack is away from the edge of the window, it can probably be repaired. However, there are some situations when a crack is so bad, the entire glass needs to be replaced. If that turns out to be the case, then the glass is probably a safety issue and should be covered over until you can have it replaced. Plus, if the cracks are bad, the glass is not energy efficient and it makes it easier for intruders to get inside. If you just have a simple crack, then a mobile glass repair company can repair it right on the spot.

Clean The Window Thoroughly

If the glass can be repaired, the glass technician will start by cleaning the window. Dirt, grime, and debris have to be out of the crack and surrounding area so it won't get caught in the filler and show through. When the glass is clear, the repair work will be invisible when it's finished. After the glass is clean, it must be thoroughly dry before work proceeds.

Fill The Crack

To repair the crack, a filler made from acrylic or some other substance is applied over the crack so it can seep inside. The filler is clear, so it looks just like glass when it is dry. It's also very thin so it can leak into the crack easily. Once the filler is applied, it is wiped off the surface of the glass and allowed to dry.

Buff The Glass

The final step in glass repair is to buff the glass. This is done to remove filler that has dried on the surface of the glass. Buffing removes bumps and uneven edges along the crack. The filler only needs to be inside the crack and not on top of it. When it is on top of the glass, it is visible when you look at it the right way, so the glass is buffed to make the surface smooth. After buffing, the crack and the repair work have vanished and the glass looks like new. More importantly, the filler stabilizes the glass so the crack won't spread and you don't have to worry about the glass falling out of the frame when you least expect it.