Working With the Right Contractors is Crucial

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Nice Work, But How Many Risks Did You Take Getting It Done?

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Hiring a residential contractor, like Garden State CS Builders, for any job takes some investigation, and most people know to get references, see examples of past work, and to check if there have been any consumer complaints against the contractor. But there's an additional item to place on your checklist as you search: worker safety. Truly good contractors ensure that their workers remain as safe as possible while doing the work, and those companies want you to verify that the workers who will be on your property will take proper safety precautions. Good looking work doesn't seem as nice if someone gets injured while completing it. Want to find a great contractor? Look up the safety record.

Compliance With OSHA Laws

More and more contractors are now working with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to ensure they are in compliance with safety laws. Sometimes this change was motivated by OSHA fines, but many companies started paying attention to worker safety after experiencing an accident. Believe it or not, it wasn't that long ago that the contracting industry wasn't always in agreement with safety rules. But now, that's changing, and you have a much better chance of finding a contractor who uses fall protection, safety gear, and other safety protocols to keep their workers safe.

Insured and Bonded for Both Workers and Your Home

You'll also want to check if the contractor has worker's compensation insurance for its workers, as well as for damage it accidentally causes on your property. Yes, they should have the insurance, but you want to verify that they actually carry it. That's a great sign of a contracting company that cares about its workers and that has confidence in the precautions it takes and it also gives you an indication of how the company approaches its work.

Better Attention to Detail

If you have workers who are trained in the use of, and are using, safety gear and fall protection, they will be more aware of what's around them and what is going on with the materials they use. They likely will be more careful about how they do the work on your home.

Check State Databases

Your state should have a database of contractors who have been fined for safety violations. Check this before you hire a contractor, and in fact, you might want to look specifically at contractors who promote their safety record. You should still look them up in that database just to be sure you're dealing with a company that's on the up-and-up. But using safety as a major quality that you want in a contracting company can make your search go faster.

Certainly, work quality and general honesty are important, too. But really good contractors take safety seriously, and so should you.