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Why You Need A Sewer Pump Alarm

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Sewer pumps often come with alarms that allow you to avoid damaging your pump. If you do not have an alarm, it is highly recommended that you get one. While they may come with an additional expense, avoiding the much higher expense of replacing your entire sewer pump system is highly preferable. 

How An Alarm Works

The sewer pump alarm will emit a piercing sound when there is a problem. This sound should be loud enough that you can hear it anywhere in your home. When you are using a duplex pump system, the sounding of the alarm is a sign that you are now running on the backup system. The great thing about a duplex system is that you will continue to have a working sewer pump. However, you will need to repair or replace the failed sewer pump as soon as possible. 

What To Do When An Alarm Sounds

When the alarm is sounding, it is important to stop using water in your home.Turn off your washing machine and dryer. Stop flushing toilets. After you have turned off the water, you can turn off the alarm system. Then, you can begin repairing the sewer pump.

Do not attempt to repair the sewer pump if you do not know the correct pump repair procedures. A plumbing company like Forrest Sewer Pump Service will be able to come out in no time to help you! There is a risk that you may fall and suffer an injury or sustain a fatal shock. You may also damage the sewer pump.

Causes Of A Triggered Alarm

The alarm can be triggered by a variety of problems. An object might have fallen into a building drain and damaged the pump. The piping or baffles might have become blocked. Regardless, the pump can become clogged, damaged and even destroyed. To avoid a clog, make sure to not flush the following items down the toilet:

  • Clothes dryer sheets
  • Ashes
  • Condoms
  • Chemicals not intended for the toilet
  • Cotton swabs
  • Cat litter
  • Cigarette butts
  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Any hard objects

Toilets should only be used to dispose of toilet paper and human waste, which are what the toilet was originally designed for. Whatever has become trapped in the pump will need to be removed. Any components that may have been damaged as a result of the clog will need to be replaced. Alarms do not always work because they can fail just like everything else, but they are an effective insurance policy against a failed sewer pump. But the best way to protect your pump is to contact sewer pump maintenance services and to use your plumbing system properly.