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3 Things To Consider When Shopping For Laminate Hardwood

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There are countless types of laminate hardwood floors to choose from for commercial construction. Laminate is a great alternative to real hardwood for property owners who wants a no maintenance, easy to clean, and more affordable product. Not all laminate hardwood products are the same. This article explains a few of the more popular features, in order to help you decide which will be the most useful for your property.

Pre-Attached Padding

If you want to install your own laminate flooring, you should definitely find a product with pre-attached padding on the bottom. Padded hardwood has a number of benefits. First of all, it helps with sound and temperature insulation. This is a huge issue if you have a multi-story building with tenants directly above and below each other. It also makes the floor and easier to install. The cushion provides a little bit of leeway if your floor is not perfectly flat, which is highly likely. If you buy a product that doesn't already have padding attached to each individual plank, you will probably need to install a separate padding before hand. This will definitely be more time-consuming.

Plank Thickness

When shopping for laminate hardwood, it is also very important to consider the thickness of the top layer. This is the most important layer because it is printed with the fake wood texture. If you have a product with a fin top layer, it is more likely to chip in scratch. Not only that, repairing chips will be more difficult. The thicker the top layer of laminate is, the easier it is to patch, stain, seal, or repaint. With many products you can use traditional wood repair supplies to patch laminate flooring. There are also special laminate patches that work well.

Planks vs. Panels

The last thing to consider is actually design of your planks. Most hardwood flooring products are sold as separate, individual planks. However, you can find some products that are actually full boards, which are several planks wide. These are definitely more convenient if you are installing hardwood in larger rooms. You will be able to install more square footage at once. However, the planks are more convenient in small or narrow rooms because it is easier to make length wise cuts to them.

There are these are just some of the vital things to consider when shopping for laminate hardwood for a commercial remodel project.

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