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3 Siding Options That Give Your Home A Modern And Trendy Makeover

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When it is time to renovate your home, giving it a modern look with contemporary styles gives it a new look. Choosing the right siding will make all the difference in the world. Today, there are options that give your home an exterior with clean lines and minimal visual distractions. Here are some of the modern siding options that you can have installed for a modern makeover for your home:

1. Fiber Cement Siding Products and Panels for Modern Exteriors

Fiber cement products have been around for decades and are a great alternative to wood and other materials. Wood siding is susceptible to damage from problems like rot and sun exposure. Fiber cement is available in all the classic siding styles such as, shakes, lap siding and board-and-batten; it is also available in solid panel sheathing for a more modern exterior finish for your home.

2. Metal Siding Solutions to Give Your Home a More Contemporary Design

Metal siding is another option that you may want to consider for the exterior finish of you home. Aluminum siding has been installed on exteriors of homes for generations, but may be susceptible to damage like dents, scratches and faded or worn finishes. Today, there are also newer products that give your home more of a contemporary appearance, such as corrugated steel and other modern metal products. Vertical metal panels are a good choice for a more contemporary look on the exterior of homes.

3. Contemporary Wood Siding and Composite Lumber for Exterior Finishes

Wood siding is another option that you may want to consider for exterior renovations. To give your home more of a modern look, consider products like tong and groove siding or tropical lumber products. In addition, there are also newer composite lumber materials that can be used to give your home the look of wood without the wear and maintenance that comes with real lumber products. Hardwoods and tropical lumber are going to be some of the most durable wood materials for the exterior of your home. Cedar is another good choice for wood siding, but it can fade and weather over the years. Cedar siding will also require regular maintenance and upkeep.

These are some of the options to give your home a contemporary makeover with modern siding products. Contact a custom home builder, such as Bryant Homes, and talk with them about some of these options to finish the exterior of your new home.