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Commercial Uses For Tempered Glass

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When you start to consider glass for your business or storefront, you need to take the time to consider the best options for your application. Glass used in doors and storefront windows require a different durability than that used in a standard window but tempered glass is used in many different ways. If you want to use the right glass but are unsure about what to use, talk with a commercial glass installer to be sure to get the right one.

Storefront Glass

Large storefront windows are great for displaying your products for people to see easily. When you are dealing with large sheets of glass, you need to be sure that the glass you are using is safe for people to be around. A tempered glass window is designed to break into little tiny pieces of glass rather than shards or jagged pieces that people could get hurt on. There may even be a requirement set forth by the municipality that your business is located in so be sure to check with them before ordering glass for your business storefront.

Commercial Doors

What about the glass in your front door? Whether you are using a door that is entirely glass or a door that is only partially glass, you need to use a good tempered safety glass in it. The door is moving all day long and much more prone to colliding with another object. If you used a standard sheet of glass, the glass would not last very long before it was broken. Many manufacturers with use an extruded aluminum frame for the door with a good tempered glass installed in it.

Custom Glass

Not every job is the same and sometimes you're going to have to order a specific size sheet of glass to fit your needs. The best options is to have a glass installer come and take a look at where the glass is going to be used. In most cases, glass like this is going to need to be installed professionally so you should have an installer involved in the job anyway. The tools and expertise they bring to the job is key to the success of the installation. There are many levels of tempered glass that you can choose and there are many ways that it can be used. Getting the right one is critical.

Security Glass

Tempered glass can be reinforced with wire between the layers of glass so that if it does get broken, the opening can not be easily penetrated by a thief or criminal. Often this glass is used in steel doors that are secure but you need to see through it. The idea that glass can be secure is not a normal thought process but it can be if you use the right one.