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Three Ways That Winter Weather Can Harm Your Roof

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Winter weather can pose some unique threats to your home, but there are homeowners without the type of experience that is needed to enable them to understand the full range of these threats. After reviewing some of the more common threats that your home's roof may experience, you should find that you are better positioned to protect your property.

Excessive Weight From Snow

A key way that a roof can be damaged by winter weather is due to the intense weight that can be added to it. A roof that is covered with snow will be supporting far more weight than a roof that is free of major snow accumulation. In extreme cases, this weight can lead to the roof suffering a structural failure. While this failure may not always be the roof immediately collapsing, it could lead to cracks or other issues that may greatly weaken the roof. Preventing these accumulations may seem like it will be impossible, but there are a variety of tools and systems that can be used to manage this task. If your area only sporadically receives snowfall, you may want to invest in a roof rake as these devices make it easy for individuals to remove snow from the roof. Those that live in areas that frequently experience snowfall, installing a snow and ice melting system can be an excellent option as this will have heating elements that can keep the roof just warm enough to prevent snow from accumulating.

Falling Branches

In addition to posing a direct risk to your roof, the weight from the snow can also pose a risk to your roof through other means. As the snow gathers on branches, it may get heavy enough to cause the branch to snap and break off. When this happens to a branch over your roof, there is a chance that the falling branch could seriously damage the roof. Minimizing the risk of this damage striking your property will require you trim any sickly branches as they will be less able to support this weight.

Rot Due To Melting Snow And Ice

Rot can be another major problem for roofs during the winter months because the snow and ice may be in contact with the roof for prolonged periods of time. You can help to prevent your roof from rotting by making sure that the gutters are kept clean so that melting snow and ice can flow through them. Also, regularly check the attic ceiling when there are snow accumulations on the roof as small ceiling watermarks can indicate that sections of the roof may be compromised by rot.

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