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Got A Shower With Glass Doors? 3 Accessories You Can Get To Go With It

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If you have a shower that has glass doors you know how beautiful this type of shower is. You can make your shower even more beautiful and useful for you by adding a few accessories to it. Below are three of these accessories so you can decide if you want to purchase them for your shower.

1. Showerhead 

There are many types of showerheads on the market that you can purchase. First, you could install dual showerheads. This works great if more than one person is taking a shower at the same time. It also feels great if you are alone when taking a shower. The shower heads are generally installed side by side a few inches apart.

There is also a rainfall showerhead. With this, water flows out of the shower head much like the rain falls outside.

For something fun, you can find shower heads that spray colored water depending on what the temperature is. For example, blue may mean the water is cold, red may mean it is hot, and purple may mean the water is warm.

2. Glass Shelves

Having shelves in your shower can make things much easier for you as you can store soaps and shampoos on them. One type of shelves that looks great in a shower that has glass doors is shelves made of glass. You can find these that you suction to the wall with strong suction cups. There are also glass shelves that come with mounts that let you install the shelves on your own.

You can choose floating glass shelves, which makes the shelves look like they are floating in the air.

If you want a lot of shelves or are not the DIY type, hire a company that sells these shelves to install them for you.

3. Bluetooth Speaker

If you love to sing in the shower, you can purchase a Bluetooth speaker so that you can listen to music. Bluetooth speakers usually suction to the shower, and you can install more than one if you want more sound.

Blue tooth speakers are beneficial because they are set up with your smartphone. The speakers then pull the music off your smartphone to play in the shower. You do not even have to have your phone in the bathroom with you as long as the Bluetooth connection is good. This helps prevent damage to your phone from high humidity and moisture inside the bathroom.

Once you install these shower accessories, learn of other accessories you can add next.