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Taking Care Of Wooden Countertops

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Wood is probably not the first material you imagine for your counters and desktops. While wood is popular for furniture and tables, most kitchen and bathroom countertops are made out of hard stones, laminates, resin-based molds, or composites. The materials are used for their style, but also because of their water resistance. Wood is not as naturally water-resistant as these other materials. But, if you do want to have wood in these rooms, it is definitely possible, it just needs some more love. Wooden counters might need some more attention and tending, but they are worth it for those who are willing to put in the work.

Why Wood?

Even though wood is not the first choice, it does have some marked advantages over stone and composite surfaces. These surfaces are permanent and unchangeable. But, wood is basically a blank canvas. You can do anything with a solid wood countertop. It can be oiled to simply highlight the natural color of the wood species you choose. You can tint it with a beautiful stain. You can paint it a solid color. You can apply a glossy resin coat. You can antique or distress it using special chemicals to give it a vintage look. You can also make your wood match with your wood flooring. Basically, there aren't many limits when it comes to the style of a wood counter.

The absolute best thing about wood is that is workable and changeable. You can alternate from finish to finish. If your wood counter is currently oiled, you can sand away the outer layer and repaint it with a solid color. Having the ability to switch styles so easily is one of the most attractive features of a solid wood countertop.

Wood is Durable When Treated Right

While composite products are made to be as low maintenance as possible, wood is actually not that hard to tend. The main thing you have to do, if you own a wood counter, is to make sure that the surface is sealed. Whether you have a resin, paint, or oil finish, you just need to make sure that these finishes do not fade or wear off. They need to be reapplied every once in a while to restore the seal and protect the wood.

For example, you might need to restain a wooden counter in your kitchen once every two years to protect the grains from moisture and bacteria. But, this is not too difficult or expensive, it just requires that the owner takes pride in the wood and cares for it. For more information, contact a company like Countertops & Laminated Specialties Inc.