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How Impact Windows Improve Home Security And Why You Might Want Them For Your Home

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Impact windows are a good investment for your home due to the protection they provide. The glass in your windows is one of the most vulnerable areas in your home. The glass can be broken easily by intruders or flying debris in a storm. Impact glass is made to withstand these threats, so your home has increased security. Here's a look at why you may want impact windows installed and how they increase safety.

Why You May Want Impact Windows

Your home is under several threats during a storm. Strong wind and flying debris can knock out traditional glass and send it flying through your home. This makes cleanup tedious, and it can even be dangerous if you're home at the time and near the flying glass. Once the glass goes, wind gets inside your house, along with driving rain, so your home, furniture, and belongings are at risk of water damage. Plus, the wind is destructive once it's in your house. A further risk is from looters that take advantage of storms to rob homes when police are occupied. If you're not at home and your windows get blown out, intruders can get inside easily.

Impact windows put an end to all of these problems. The windows stand strong against flying debris and even attempts from an intruder to smash out the glass, so your home is protected around the clock whether you're home or not.

How Impact Windows Increase Your Safety

Impact windows are made with a thin layer of tough material sandwiched between two panes of glass. The material is transparent so it doesn't affect the appearance of the glass, but it makes the glass very strong. While it's possible for an impact window to be cracked due to flying debris, the glass is held securely in place by the film. This eliminates the danger of flying glass shards. This also makes your windows safe from intruders who may smash against the glass and crack it, but they won't be able to knock the glass out and get inside your home. When you have impact windows, you won't have to use storm shutters or put bars over your windows for safety reasons. The glass becomes strong enough to keep out dangers, so you're safer in your home and your home is always protected from surprise storms and criminals.

Besides increasing your safety and improving home security, impact windows also keep your home quieter, improve energy efficiency, and they can even block UV rays for protection from the sun and glare. They're a good investment whether you live in an area that gets frequent storms or if you just want added protection against intruders.