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Building A Home? 3 Longstanding Trends You Should Avoid

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When it comes time to start looking around at home plans, many people wonder whether they should stick with tradition or branch out and try something new. Although it can be easy to side with floor plans and home additions that have been around for decades, some trends simply aren't worth the modern-day hassles. Here are three longstanding trends you should avoid when building a home in today's world. 

Formal Living Rooms

When was the last time a friend stopped by that you liked enough to invite in but not enough to have sit down in your main living room? If this idea sounds strange, it might be a sign that you no longer need a "formal" space to entertain guests. 

In addition to creating an additional area you have to keep clean, formal living areas also take up space you could use for other things like expanding your kitchen, creating an in-home office, or adding built-in bookshelves to create an in-home library. 

Instead of opting for the formal living room off of the front door, consider how your family typically uses your home and consider creating a more functional space. For instance, if your kids need a dedicated space to take care of homework, the formal living room could be the perfect place to transform into a study for your kids. 

Open Concept Floor Plans

While open concept floor plans may seem like the way to go, people who have actually lived in spaces free of walls explain that there are some inherent downsides to this popular floor plan—including noise and no time for yourself. 

While open spaces might seem light and airy, they also create large rooms where noise, pets, and guests can travel freely, robbing everyone of their alone time and ability to think straight. Instead of looking for an open concept floor plan, look for a plan that gives you the open concept areas where you don't mind having visitors and closed-concept spaces where you want privacy. 

Over-Range Microwave Ovens

Another dated trend involves placing the microwave oven over the range, a move that simultaneously interferes with the visual aesthetics of your kitchen area while making it difficult for kids to use the appliance. 

Instead, many homeowners today are opting to place more functional appliances like fume hoods over the range, and microwave ovens are placed in lower spots in either the walk-in pantry, butler's pantry, or enclosed in its own cubby in the kitchen island. 

When you want to break ground on your new home, turn to home builders who have experience and an established reputation in your area. In addition to chatting with you about various floor plans, building materials, timelines, and financial considerations, builders can also give you a good idea regarding home value and potential for future appreciation.