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Roofing Surprises On Old Homes, And How Your Contractor Will Address These Issues

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Old homes are full of surprises. There is often a shower in the basement with no walls, a defunct chimney once used for a wood or coal stove, and old roofing and siding buried under the modern equivalents. If your roof needs repair, your contractor is likely to find some surprises and oddities present. Those surprises and oddities, and how your contractor will address them, are as follows. 

Wet and Rotting Plywood

Despite the fact that all roofs should have a waterproof membrane installed over the top of the plywood layer, water can still find a way into the roof down to the plywood. As a result of water wheedling its way through the waterproof membrane, the plywood layer becomes exceedingly soggy and begins to rot excessively.

If your contractor finds that this is true of any part of your roof, the sections that are affected in this manner have to be removed and replaced completely, which could alter the initial estimate and increase the repair costs. 

No Waterproofing Membrane

This is a highly unusual discovery, but that is not to say it does not or cannot happen. What it means is that previous owners either tried to do the roofing themselves and skipped or missed this layer, or that previous owners hired substandard or inexperienced contractors to do the work.

Thankfully, the contractor you hire is none of the above, and he/she will make sure that the waterproof membrane is installed over the entire roof during the repairs and replacement of your roof.

Too Many Layers of Old Roofing

In some cities and states, multiple layers of roofing are illegal. It goes against all building codes in those areas. It means that shortcuts were taken to place new roofs on the house and that the old roof materials were never removed during the roof replacement process.

Your current contractor will have to strip the roof down to its bare bones, and then rebuild it as a single-layered roof so that it passes inspection and regulations. How your current roof passed in the past is a mystery, unless no building inspector was involved with the previous owners' projects.

Uncovering the Original Wood Siding

If you have dormers or gables, there is a good chance that the original wood clapboard siding is still there under the modern vinyl siding. This may be discovered and uncovered during the re-roofing process.

If it is not rotten and/or leaking into your home, it can stay be covered up again. If it does pose a problem, your roofer may remove it and reside these upper story areas. For more information, contact a roofing company such as Liberty Exteriors LLC.