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Iron Bacteria And Your Water Well

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If the water from your well is staining the fixtures in your home, has an unusual odor, and taste awful, all these factors could indicate an issue with iron bacteria. Iron bacteria are naturally found in soil and some surface waters, and unfortunately, it can sometimes make its way inside a water well. However, there are steps you can take to avoid this type of scenario. Learn more about the preventative measures you can take to keep iron away from your water well.

Casing Protection

It's essential to ensure that the well's casing is intact. Think of the casing in the same manner you would a plastic water bottle. If the water bottle had a small crack in the top of it, you would be mindful where you placed the bottle, since elements from outside could easily get inside the bottle. 

When a well's casing is cracked or it's not securely in place, soil, and other elements, can get inside the well and contaminate the water. Make sure you check the casing routinely and have it repaired when it's not functioning correctly.

Professional Repairs

Always leave any repair needs for your well system, including the pump and pipes, to a professional. Well specialists understand just how important it is to handle this gear carefully. Placing a pump that you plan to replace your old pump with on the ground seems like a minor problem, but it's actually a big issue. 

In this scenario, the new pump would come in contact with the ground, which could very well also contain iron bacteria. The contaminated pump would then be placed inside the well where the bacteria would grow. New materials should always be handled carefully. Professional technicians do the job right and protect you at the same time. 

Correcting the Problem

If you have an issue with iron bacteria, there are several steps that can be taken based on the severity of the issue. If there is only a small area of contamination, a technician might be able to remove it for you. However, if the issue is widespread, the well will likely need to be chemically treated to control the bacteria, and then cleaned to remove any leftover residuals. For heavy infestations, these steps might need to be repeated. 

When it comes to eliminating issues with iron bacteria, regular maintenance is important. Speak a well specialist to learn about some of the additional steps you can take to avoid this issue. Companies like Golden Gate Well Drilling & Water Conditioning can help.