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Is Your Tree Dying Or Already Dead?

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You'll likely notice that there is something going on with a tree in your yard. You've been looking at the tree on a daily basis and it is suddenly showing signs that you have never seen it show before. When you see these changes taking place it can be a sign that your tree is either dying or already dead. Here are some of the things that you are going to want to look for in order to know whether you are dealing with a dying or already dead tree.

The signs of a dying tree

One of the signs that you may notice in a tree that is dying is that it may start to produce fewer leaves on the entire tree or even in one section of the tree. You may also see that the bark is more brittle than it used to be and that it is beginning to fall from the tree.

Also, a dying tree may have limbs that are beginning to die, and those limbs might even be falling off. The limbs on the tree can even get spongy. It may be possible to save a tree that is dying with the help of an arborist, but you should also be preparing yourself for the possibility that it may still die, in which you'll want to have it removed.

The signs of a dead tree

A dead tree won't produce any leaves. When you don't see any new leaves showing up on the tree when the season dictates that new leaves should be appearing, then this can be a sign that the tree is already dead. While it may also mean the tree is dying, seeing a bare tree like this along with one or more of the other signs can be a sure indicator that it is already gone.

Another thing that you might see going on with a tree that is dead is the growth of fungus, including mushrooms. The fungus will generally be seen at the tree's base, as well as on the trunk of the tree.

A dead tree may show visible signs of damage to the roots. One thing you may see happening to the roots is that roots look as if they are growing from the trunk of the tree. Also, a tree that has root damage due to its death may lean to one side.


If you have a dead tree in your yard, you need someone to come out and remove it as soon as you can get them out. A dead tree is a huge safety concern because it is at great risk of falling. Contact a tree removal service to learn more.