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Water Well Pump Repairs When Your Submersible Pump Stops Working

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Submersible well pumps are common for residential water systems. This is due to them being protected by the casing. The problem is that you may forget about your water well pump until there is a problem. The following water well repairs may be needed when your submersible pump stops working:

Cleaning When There Are Contamination Problems

There are a lot of contamination problems that can affect your well. Sometimes, these problems are due to pollution getting in the well casing. They can also be due to buildup and problems with the submersible pump, which include:

  • Well casing contamination
  • Buildup inside the submersible pump
  • Damaged pump parts contaminating the well casing

These problems can be repaired by pulling the pump from the casing and cleaning it. After the pump has been repaired, the well casing will need to be flushed to remove contamination.

Problems With Submersible Pump Pressure Switch

Issues with submersible pumps can be caused by the pressure switch control. There are several components of modern pressure control switches, which include:

  • Bad pressure valve
  • Issues with the pressure tank
  • Pressure switch controls failing

Pressure control switch problems can cause your pump to not work. If you are having problems with noisy plumbing or the pump constantly running, have the pressure tank checked.

Twisted Wires Causing Submersible Pump Problems

The submersible pump in your well casing can also be vulnerable to unique problems. Since the pump is installed inside the casing, wires can get twisted and frayed. Over time, this can cause short circuits and problems with the pump not turning on.

The pump needs to be pulled from the well. When the pump is rewired, the new wires should be taped to the pipe inside the casing to prevent future problems. Taping the wires to the pipe inside the casing will stop twisting that causes short circuits.

Problems With Damage To The Submersible Pump Parts

Sometimes, the parts inside the submersible pump can also be damaged. If you pull the pump from the well casing, it should be dismantled to check for problems. Clean all the parts and replace anything that has signs of wear or damage. Usually, submersible pumps can easily be repaired by cleaning and replacing any worn parts.

These are water well pump repairs that you may need when the water stops flowing in your home. Call a well pump repair service for help with these repairs for your submersible system.