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Three Reasons To Equip Your Driveway Gate With Sensors

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When you're planning to add a driveway gate to your property, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the many features that are available. One feature that you might not know about is a set of sensors that allow the gate to open automatically when a vehicle approaches it. Your residential gate specialist will install these sensors on the inside of the gate to accommodate vehicles that are exiting your property; it would be a security risk to have sensors on the outside of the gate. Here are three reasons that you should think about equipping your driveway gate with these sensors.

They'll Save You Time

If you didn't have sensors on the inside of your driveway gate, you'd need to open the gate each time you plan to leave your property. While some people may do so with remote controls, not everyone uses this feature. Others may have to get out of their vehicle, open the gate by hand, drive through it, and then get back out to close the gate behind them. This is a time-consuming series of events that may quickly become unappealing. This can especially be true when you're driving in rainy and snowy conditions. When you have sensors, you'll save the time that you'd otherwise spend on this task, as well as the effort that comes with it.

They'll Provide More Security

Security is a major consideration for many people who want driveway gates. A gate will only do its job when it's closed, and you might feel concerned about people forgetting to close the gate behind them. For example, if you have a housekeeper, you might worry that they'd drive away from your property after finishing work but forget to close the gate on the way out. Many sensors are designed to not only open the gate to allow people to pass through but to also close the gate after a short period of time.

They'll Feel Exciting

There's little debate that it can be an exciting feeling to drive down your driveway and watch your gate swing or slide open for you as you approach it. If you're the type of homeowner who loves technology and perhaps looks for ways to include it in your daily life — using various types of home automation, for example — this is a gate feature that you'll appreciate. Talk about gate sensors and other options with your local residential driveway gate professional.